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Foundry Town Survivors Return with Charismatic Record ‘Hey!’

Foundry Town Survivors are another band you’d often find on our blog. They are part of the American old-school rock scene, a plethora of talented, seasoned creatives navigating the intersection between wholesome rock and vintage pop. The result is always surprising, often offering a break from the modern, artificial chart music we are used to every day. 

Last time we wrote about FTS we were celebrating the release of ‘In My Dreams’, a rather poignant and ballad-lenient offering. Now, the Ann Arbor residents are back with their latest effort, a more adrenaline-filled and punchy gem, ‘Hey!’. 

Penned by Foundry Town Survivors’ core songwriting duo, Mark Tomorsky and Tommy Johnsmiller, the track is a fierce journey towards wholesome rock’n’roll, channelling the likes of a B3 organ, flat-out guitar riffs and busy drums. Perhaps we are not used to such rock prowess anymore, but let us say it: the song slaps! 

Describing the idea behind the record, FTS explains: “This past winter, it felt like we’d caught up with our softer side. Early on we were doing a lot with acoustic instruments, lush melodies, lots of harmonies. It was a great way for us to get started. But we both felt it was time to peek around Foundry Town Survivors Tommy Johnsmiller and Mark Tomorsky the corner, “unleash the hounds” and let it rock!”

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