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Gary Dranow Releases Powerful and Anthemic New Single ‘Chaos’

As one of the most featured artists around these parts, Utah-based rocker Gary Dranow should be known to nearly all readers by now. Alongside his band The Manic Emotions, Gary has continued to impress us with each new release – of which there are many! A seriously prolific musician, Gary and Co. now return with a tune called ‘Chaos’ that they describe as, “a commentary on the dysfunction in the US government, especially the Republican faction”.

Masterfully capturing the band’s signature mix of rock and metal, ‘Chaos’ merges timeless musical roots with a modern and contemporary edge. Anthemic, powerful, and deeply sincere, it’s a thought-provoking track that needs to be absorbed and digested as opposed to simply listened to. 

I’ve seen a noticeable increase in the political messaging of songs lately. Perhaps it’s because 2024 is a historic election year, with elections in 50 countries. Whatever the cause, I think it’s great to see. Music has also been such a powerful tool in shaping the social and political landscape of our times, and ‘Chaos’ serves as a timely reminder of the influence artists have. 

“Music is not just an art form for us,” says Gary on the band’s behalf. “It’s a journey through life’s highs and lows”. Perfect.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Chaos’ on Spotify now:


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