French Visionary Fille à Papa Returns with Banger ‘PROPREAMOUR’

Describing her music ‘lightly sarcastic’, French visionary Fille à Papa champions playful, bright and uplifting material, balanced between vintage disco, RnB and electronic tones. Encompassing the last thirty years of musical evolution, the project is not afraid to regularly switch its sonic references. Only one element remains constant: Fille à Papa’s charming spoken words, delivered in her native French language, for maximum impact. 

‘PROPREAMOUR’ is the Fille à Papa’s latest effort, the first song to see the light of day after a three-year hiatus. Needless to say, it’s a triumph. An irresistible blend of Eurodance, pop and techno, the record feels extremely modern while drenched in tradition. Featuring a strong club-oriented groove, ‘PROPREAMOUR’ feels fierce, energetic and empowering, once again showcasing Fille à Papa’s artistic stature. 

Her vocals are luscious and sleazy, highlighting the French artist’s quirky and authentic artistry. It’s a journey into her eccentric spirit, an ego trip filled with idleness and freedom. Fille à Papa expresses her vision of the world with a touch of madness, inviting listeners to wiggle their hips on a sunny evening while savouring the sensation of euphoria in the busy nightlife-filled streets.

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