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Forgotten Garden Share Cathartic EP ‘In Memoriam’

There’s a lot to discover in ‘In Memoriam’. An EP which feels cathartic and solemn, almost magical, moving at an intense pace yet leaving room for reflection and personal reckoning. Penned by international duo Forgotten Garden’, the record bathes in sonic eclecticism, exploring soothing folk-flavoured territories while looking towards more experimental material, especially in its spacious reverbs and blissful vocals. 

‘Memoriams’ opens the EP with theatrical flair, painting a gloomy yet irresistible picture which flourishes over Inês stunning vocals, incredibly evocative and poignant. ‘Road To Silence’ is more traditionally folk – it’s here that we get a glimpse of Danny’s vocals too, also the producer of the whole piece. 

‘The Wind That Brings The Snow’ moves with elegance and charisma, incorporating Celtic stylings such as fiddles and tribal rhythms. Lots of Welsh and Scottish influences here! ‘Christmas Time’ brings the record to a close in ballad fashion, offering a stripped-back, experience built over orchestral arrangements and delicate harmonies. Overall, a truly wonderful listening experience, recommended!

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