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Emergency Break Shares Glorious Single ‘EVERYTHING YOU MAKE I BREAK’

Emergency Break did already share a few clues on how good they are, but ‘EVERYTHING YOU MAKE I BREAK’ smashes any doubt the industry might have had. Simply, it’s a great record: anthemic, fierce, electrifying, with great vocals and a glorious chorus. Marked as the group’s first studio single, the piece is a definite step up on any previous material, confirming the London-based outfit as a one-to-watch for 2024. 

Sonically, ‘EVERYTHING YOU MAKE I BREAK’ is an interesting specimen: built on primal distortions, it features punk’s immediacy and indie’s coolness, eventually resulting in a pretty relatable and expansive track, well-aimed towards a wide audience. That’s its strongest quality: a simple, relatable, hard-hitting gem that speaks to everyone on a basic level. 

Speaking about the single, Emergency Break’s frontman Leo explains: “‘EVERYTHING YOU MAKE I BREAK’ is the perfect introduction to the band in your headphones. The lyrics are raw and honest, and the music captures the energy we aim for in all of our songs”.

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