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Emerald Bluffs Unveils Vibrant Album ‘FORMATIONS’

We recently wrote about Emerald Bluffs’ orchestral alt-folk approach – something that took us by surprise and marked the project as one to watch. ‘Autumn’s Eve’ was the single in question, a track we described as “a record that’s charismatic, powerful, yet controlled and elegant”. It’s only natural then to be excited about the American songster’s debut album, ‘FORMATIONS’, out now. 

In it, the listeners will be able to let themselves go to Emerald Bluffs’ mellow sonic imprint, initiating a cathartic process that comes to its resolution in Bluffs’ melodious, hazy vocals. Often drenched in light indie energy, ‘FORMATIONS’ makes ample use of clean and fuzzy guitar riffing, waving in and out of leftfield synthetiser tones and a veiled psych intention. Take for instance ‘Rains of the Roof’, featuring Haley Gaertner; the track is incredibly dreamy and misty, the perfect match for Emerald Bluffs’ overall artistry. 

Further ahead, playful bops such as ‘All I Need’ confirm the American creative’s ability to pen poppy gem, if required. Speaking about the lyricism behind the album, Emerald Bluffs explains: “Delving into the concept of an Eden lost, each track serves as a vignette, capturing different moments in the journey of relationships and time”.

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