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Emerald Bluffs Gear Up for Upcoming Album with ‘Autumn’s Eve’

Introduced by a hypnotising, spacious Kalimba-like texture, ‘Autumn’s Eve’ soon jumps into eclectic indie territories, blending dreamy qualities – such as an evocative saxophone and gentle vocals – with fuzzy distortion and punchy drums, making for a record that’s charismatic, powerful, yet controlled and elegant, the perfect match for Emerald Bluffs’ songwriting-driven approach. 

Championing a lo-fi-flavoured production, the track sounds vintage at times, almost nostalgic, although its storytelling character is certainly modern and malleable. The product of collaborative work, ‘Autumn’s Eve’ sees Isaac Harris, Emerald Bluffs’ head honcho, enlisting a series of fellow creatives in bringing the project to conclusion. 

It works well: quirky and unique, ‘Autumn’s Eve’ functions as a compelling entrée for Bluffs’ upcoming debut album, ‘FORMATIONS’, expected in May. Speaking about the relatable lyricism behind the song, Harris explains: “For my first few years out of college, I was taking seasonal jobs all over the West and being a young stupid guy, I always found myself falling in love. Whether I was falling in love from a distance or up close and personal, I remember those lovers and those seasons of love fondly”.

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