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Discover Sea of Orchids’ Hazy Tune ‘Blue Beyond’ from Debut Album ‘DIVE’

Exeter-based dream-pop duo Sea of Orchids recently unveiled their highly anticipated debut album ‘DIVE’, and there’s a track on it called ‘Blue Beyond’ that I’ve been completely won over by! A raw and hazy tune, it perfectly showcases the pair’s unique fusion of dream-pop with folk-rock and shoegaze, a combination that has always fascinated both Luke Worle and Matthew Cassetta. “We wanted to bring together these elements to create something truly captivating and transportive,” said Cassetta. The duo’s efforts paid off, with ‘Blue Beyond’ and the entire record really leaving an indelible mark on me.

Luke and Matthew have also described their sound as, “lo-fi art rock left in the sun too long and weatherbeaten by the English seaside”. Now, I know it’s my job to come up with those types of expressive and imaginative characterisations, but that description was just too immaculate to not include! 

Finding inspiration in acts and artists like Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, and Fleet Foxes, Sea of Orchids draws you into their sonic lair with lush harmonies and atmospheric soundscapes. Nothing is over the top though. Everything seems to have been meticulously placed and arranged. Just flawless!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Blue Beyond’ on Bandcamp here:


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