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Discover Rose Rutledge’s Ethereal and Bucolic Artistry

Delving into ‘Own World’ is like jumping into the unknown. The listening experience is so fresh and authentic – almost hypnotising. It’s hard to pinpoint a genre or even some solid references. Rather, the record could be seen as a pure stream of consciousness, built over eclectic and original sound choices that greatly characterize Rose Rutledge’s work. You see, the talented Brooklyn resident has been navigating the industry for years, as a high-level flute and saxophone player. Now, she turns her head to original compositions, also blessed by her ethereal and evocative vocals. 

The result is ‘Own World’, a stunning experimental piece that is set to positively surprise the listeners while offering a chance for growth and musical refinement. Introduced by an intricate blend of flute and piano riffs, the record evolves very slowly, adding part over part, especially when it comes to flutes. Eventually, it will all feel like a soundscape, a very bucolic and soothing one. When Rutledge’s vocals come in, the track assumes a different identity, becoming slightly darker and haunting, and adding a layer of electronica. 

Describing the inspiration behind the record, Rose Rutledge explains: “Faced with a banquet of modern-day distractions, I feel like I haven’t managed to get my nose out of my phone, computer or my head out of a never-ending stream of consciousness. I wrote ‘Own World’ as a reminder to step outside myself more often.”

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