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Discover PROXOXIE’s Futuristic Yet Nostalgic World

It took us a while to fully understand Proxoxie’s artistic magnitude. You see, the Chicago-based creative is not just a musical artist, but also a nostalgic blogger, a writer, and an all-round cultural agent. It all makes sense when delving into her music: boasting such kaleidoscopic, eclectic energy, Proxoxie’s rainbow-lined hyper pop is a slice of fresh air, serving futuristic vibes with a certain early ‘2000 emo energy. The perfect offering for our complex, post-pandemic times: we look at what’s to come with eagerness while keeping an eye on the past. 

‘No Sleep’ is Proxoxie’s latest effort, a punchy, dancy banger with an eye on giant synth riffs and steady drums. While the instrumental might echo golden-era Robyn, the vocals contain a more nuanced outlook, describing a rather anxious and troubled state of mind. The contrast between the song’s dark lyricism and its bright instrumental creates a compelling musical recipe. 

Taken from Proxoxie’s debut album ‘Darling, It Wouldn’t Be a Party Without You…’, ‘No Sleep’ was written last year, as the visionary artist explains: “I wrote the song in September 2022 after a random vocal melody popped into my head, and I started writing gibberish and produced an instrumental around it. It’s about intense feelings of anticipation or anxiety when all you want to do is shut off your brain and sleep”.

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