Discover Imelda Gabs’ Epic Vocals in Movie-Ready Gem ‘Reckless’

Hitting you with a strong cinematic punch, Imelda Gabs’ latest effort is definitely a record to remember. Inspired by big-budget sci-fi blockbusters, ‘Reckless’ builds an epic and hypnotising melody over a highly-poignant production. Gabs’ mesmerising vocals do the rest, helping the listener into an alternative universe, one where Imelda is judge, jury and executioner. 

Growing up in Switzerland, the talented artist shares Belgian and Congolese roots, contributing to her international dimension. Proficient in singing, piano and violin, Imelda Gabs had an excellent musical education, also thanks to her keen family. It will be no surprise then, to recognize her creative flair. Never afraid of pursuing her own path towards pure and unfiltered artistic expression, Gabs has been widely recognized as a phenomenon we should all look up to. 

Following up from ‘Fallen Angel’, ‘Reckless’ seems to draw inspiration from M83’s legendary soundtrack for cinema hit Oblivion, among others. What’s certain is that the Swiss newcomer knows her way around notes and vocal lines, showcasing proficient songwriting prowess. Supported by warm and intimate piano chords, epic strings and legendary vocal harmonies, the record is perhaps Gabs’ most relevant effort to date, instantly putting her on the map not just as a talented singer, but also as a well-rounded creative. 

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