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Ainsley Costello Closes the Year with Pop-Rock Banger ‘Cherry On Top’

We felt lucky to come across Ainsley Costello earlier this year. Intrigued by her single ‘Someone’s Someone’, we proudly declared: “Perhaps the best example of that pop-punk imprint we were discussing of. Channelling her inner Avril Lavigne, the young talent serves euphoric poignancy in an intelligible package, on a record set to appeal to a wide variety of listeners.”

Fast forward a few months later, and the Nashville talent is now putting the lid on a year that saw her releasing a whopping five singles, all pointing towards personal growth and artistic evolution. Steadily shifting towards a rougher punk-rock sound and aesthetic, Costello has been showcasing her willingness to explore the creative landscape around her, putting her powerful and evocative vocals to good use. Channelling the help of some legendary session musicians, Ainsley has now packaged a punchy and fierce record, ‘Cherry On Top’.

In it, we can observe her signature blend of rock tones and witty pop lyricism, potentially appealing to a wide audience. While the guitars are gritty and the drums loud, Costello’s vocals are approachable and relatable, successfully transitioning what could be an indie piece into full mainstream territories. And we wouldn’t expect anything less – the American talent has been one of our most precious music discoveries this year, and we are confident she’s about to face bigger, brighter things.

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