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Desert Life Deliver Rich and Inviting New Tune ‘Tangled light’

Based in southwest Wales, Desert Life is the musical project of alternative singer/songwriter Chris Swales and multi-instrumentalist Tom Jordan. The duo, alongside regular contributor and poet Brian Mackenzie, recently put out their brand new single ‘Tangled light’, and I’ve been completely obsessed with the dreamy and laidback tune ever since! It’s been said that the track represents a new sonic direction for Desert Life, but the pair quickly insist that they see their songs as almost genreless. “Are we indie folk? Slowcore? Americana? Rock? Alternative country?” they ask. “We are all. We take an idea and a song pops out”.

Inspired to write a tune that had a “John Lennon feel”, Chris said that he also looked to the likes of Beck, Mercury Rev, and The Flaming Lips for inspiration. The outcome is a track that I can say with ease is one of my favourites of the year! It’s rich and warm and inviting and it draws you right in from the very first note. And just wait for Tom’s trumpet solo…Pure genius!

Produced by Nick Swannell at the legendary Studio 49, ‘Tangled light’ is an absolute gem of a song! The act can proudly add it to their discography and, as they continue to create genre-defying music, we’ll be with them every step of the way! 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Tangled light’ on Spotify now:


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