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Dear Amber’s Latest EP ‘Echoes Always Fade’ Leaves a Lasting Impression

‘Echoes Always Fade’, five tracks that superbly showcase just what the band is all about! I have to confess, I’d come across the first single ‘Roadkill’ at the beginning of this year, and really loved the Placebo, Skunk Anansie-type vibe that it gave off. Dear Amber selected it to kick off the EP and it perfectly leads us into ‘Appear to Disappear’, the second single from ‘Echoes Always Fade’. Dark, moody, gritty, and anthemic, it’s a tune that really illustrates the band’s refreshing and forward-thinking approach to their music. 

‘Time and Effort’ is the EPs third track and also its longest. In truth, it’s honestly more of a journey than a song. A mesmerizing, atmospheric, and rich voyage that takes you through highs and lows and everything in between. The band clearly put a lot of time and effort into crafting this track, and it’s paid off in spades. It’s destined to captivate audiences when performed live – mark my words!

‘Biased’ and ‘Down’ round up the EP and, again, both songs impeccably demonstrate why Dear Amber is destined for big things. Remember the name!

Serious EP alert! Enjoy ‘Echoes Always Fade’ on Spotify now:


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