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Dawn Boudreau Shares Stunning Folk Piece ‘Every Winding Mile’

Introduced by a gentle and poignant arpeggiated piano, ‘Every Winding Mile’ is the type of track that engages the listeners in a warm, emotional embrace, taking them to nostalgic-filled territories and delving into meaningful memories. Further enriched by brushed drums and a mellow accordion, the song is the perfect framework for Dawn Boudreau‘s evocative and soulful vocals, so light and weightless, yet intense and cathartic. For us, listening to ‘Every Winding Mile’ was enough to trigger heavy escapism, making us stop for a minute, focusing on the song and the many memories coming from it. 

Boudreau seeks to bring us all on a journey, delving deep into our collective consciousness and realising that, after all, we are all the same. We are all pursuing the complexity of life, a journey that is infinitely nuanced and diverse. The bucolic nature of the record stems from Dawn’s origins in the Rocky Mountains. The Canadian wilderness she’s accustomed to has helped her develop a pretty ethereal and reflective folk style, mainly based on her impressive vocals and trusty piano. 

Lyrically, ‘Every Winding Mile’ echoes a journey across Canada, describing all its stunning characteristics. As Boudreau explains: “This is a love song for the road trip between Prince George and Vancouver, BC. Either end of this journey has loved ones waiting at the end.”

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