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Crystal Sound Project Shares ‘Confronting Silence’

Bilyana Furnadzhieva is the brainchild behind Crystal Sound Project. Apparently, the project combines sculptures in porcelain, electroacoustic music, multiple languages, cultures and genres. That alone got me interested so I decided to listen to the album Confronting Silence.

There are three compositions. The way I can describe it is that it made me feel like I was protected in a cocoon. If someone had checked on my heartbeat I wouldn’t be surprised if it slowed down. The first composition “Confronting Silence – Part 1” slowly emerges with a steady hand. The keys, chimes and everything else are in no rush. In fact, I would say the music almost forces you into the present moment. The instrumentation is very well done but the vocalist feels like the unmovable centre with some of the other instruments flourishing. 

Confronting Silence – Part II” is a breathtaking composition for its ability to encapsulate a spectrum of emotions. It induces a deep melancholy while simultaneously evoking a stoic sense, inviting the listener to absorb and transcend the prevailing sentiment. The subtle undulations in energy traverse across an expanse of time, lending depth to the composition. 

“The Moon Song” embodies minimalism, where the spaces between the notes are as consequential as the notes themselves. The enigmatic string instrument, possibly fretless, orchestrates a malleability that intertwines gracefully with the piano and other instruments. 

This album may not resonate with everyone, but for some, it holds the potential for a transcendental experience. Crystal Sound Project’s Confronting Silence possesses a captivating depth, drawing in those attuned to its multilayered resonance.

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