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Cry Red Evolve Their Sound in ‘Electric Oceans’

Following up on their previous album, ‘Everything and the Space in Between’, London-based rock outfit Cry Red returns with a sizeable offering, ‘Electric Oceans’, an EP that widens the scope of their artistry, showcasing their newly found eclectic and multi-genre stylings. Fear not: the loyal listeners will still rejoice in the group’s charming melodies and emotional lyricism, driven so fiercely by evocative guitar riffs and deep, majestic vocals. But like most projects, Cry Red are evolving, incorporating modern production elements and more straightforward, catchy songwriting. 

‘Cold and Misty Morning’ introduces the record elegantly, with a pop-rock gem drenched in shimmering guitars and atmospheric keys. ‘Fading Senses’ is perhaps the boldest statement by the band so far: built on synth-pop and indie formulas, the track incorporates synths and groovy rhythms, effectively leaving the rock realm behind. ‘Lost in You’ brings the EP to a close in classic ballad fashion. Slow-paced goddess, vibrant vocals and a general sense of warmth. 

Produced by Adrian Hall (Depeche Mode, Tori Amos), ‘Electric Oceans’ is bound to be an instant classic. Relatable lyricism and friendly distortions will make sure the record connects with a wide audience. 

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