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Coconut Shy Returns with Hopeful Jewel ‘The Finest Day’

The keen reader might remember Coconut Shy, Australian talent with a knack for acoustic-based tones and relatable storytelling. In fact, we already featured him a few times, following his career as he blossoms from a lonely songwriter to a full-fledged artistic entity. Writing about him, we proudly declared: “Even in its simplicity, the Melbourne resident’s evocative music is able to draw the listeners into its experienced storytelling, potentially providing solace and empowerment.” We stand by our words: Coconut Shy’s artistic output is first and foremost lyrical introspection, coupled with the ability to transform thoughts and themes into irresistible melodies.

Following up on last year’s single ‘Water, Water’, the Melbourne resident now returns with ‘The Finest Day’, a soothing and elegant single that further enhances the magnitude of his artistry. Introduced by a folk-flavoured acoustic guitar arpeggio, the track makes its way into the listener’s heart by slowly developing into a nostalgic yet positive anthem. Shy’s vocals are the perfect fit for such an organic framework, boasting a dynamic and controlled tone. It all comes together in the much celebrated ‘campfire sound’ – as described by Coconut Shy himself.

Lyrically, ‘The Finest Day’ explores the idea of longing for the future, keeping a hopeful outlook towards what might come. The song was coincidentally written on the same day as ‘Water, Water’, being part of the same lyrical universe, focused on change, the pandemic struggles, and how the world would look like after it.

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