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Cherry Seraph Returns with Soothing Jewel ‘ebb and flow’

Slowly unveiling her ethereal, nuanced character, Cherry Seraph might as well win the title of best-kept secret in the British pop landscape. The incredible quality of her work desperately deserves a bigger audience, something that ‘ebb and flow’ might help with. Seraph’s latest effort, the single follows up from her previous offering ‘lucky cigarette’, moving into a less intense sonic direction.

Embracing long, bucolic textures and spacious, wonky rhythms, ‘ebb and flow’ creates a decisively alternative and unconventional setting, the perfect match for Cherry’s cathartic and evocative vocals, here delivered with a solemn, elegant quality. Perhaps, that’s what the project stands for: crafting boundary-pushing pop music, with a keen eye for eclectic sound design and poignant songwriting. 

Speaking about the track, Seraph explains: “I’m trying to capture that feeling of being in a flow or meditative state. Just being present for once and really trying to feel everything, whether it’s good or bad. Lyrically and thematically, it’s not intentionally about one person but I like that you can interpret in any way you’d like. It’s open.”

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