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Brent Watkins’ Album ‘Distant Worlds’ Pays Homage to Space Explorations

Brent Watkins is an electronic musician who is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Last year, he released his successful debut album ‘There It Is’ and he’s now returned with the sophomore follow-up ‘Distant Worlds’. Paying homage to his love of space exploration, Watkins takes the listener on a mind-bending auditory journey through landscapes and scenery that we could only dream of. All eight tunes transport you to uncharted sonic lands with eclectic synths, rich textures, and intricate beat patterns. 

The album’s opener ‘Prelude’ sets a hauntingly appealing and alluring tone. It sucks you straight in and you are only too aware that Watkins has something big in store. ‘Apollo’, featuring sound bites from NASA, soon follows and again it almost feels like Brent is teasing the listener. Just buildings things up at his own speed. Layering, constructing, preparing.

Without giving too much away, the remaining six tracks all have an immersive and mesmerizing story of their own. From ‘On The Beam’ to the nearly twelve-minute outro ‘Aftermath’, ‘Distant Worlds’ is an album that has truly taken my breath away. It’s been said that it’s an album that “demands to be experienced on a deep, immersive level”. I couldn’t agree more!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Distant Worlds’ on Spotify now:


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