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Blue Shirt Charlie’s ‘Misty’ is a Warm and Comforting Gem

Similarly to my feelings on the music coming out of Australia, there’s just something special brewing in Nashville, Tennessee too. With this in mind, please give a big welcome to Blue Shirt Charlie, a three-piece alternative-country act made up of Richie Sessions, Russ Chapman, and Lex Lipsitz. The band’s latest single is a tune called ‘Misty’, and it’s a beautifully pieced-together number with luscious and sweet-sounding instrumentation over warm, woody, and rich vocals. 

Lyrically, the track focuses on two people creating a future together. “Somebody said the difference between misery and happiness is two things – something to look forward to and someone to share it with,” says the band. In ‘Misty’, they seek the answers to what it might feel like when those pieces fall into place.

There’s a stunning comfort and tenderness to the song that I simply cannot escape. Those wide-open chords just create an atmosphere of freedom and liberation. As for the message of the tune, “It’s worth getting lost to be found,” says Blue Shirt Charlie. How absolutely right they are! I recently saw Counting Crows live in concert. I can picture them covering ‘Misty’. If that’s not the highest of praise, I don’t know what is!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Misty’ on Spotify now:


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