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Billie Skye Shares Her Hazy Artistry in ‘Fantasise’

Featuring hazy, ethereal imagery, Billie Skye drives a project that’s not easily placed into a box. While sonically we are in leftfield pop territories, from a lyrical standpoint Skye explores abstractions and self-reflections, offering nuanced and mysterious songwriting with a high hyper-pop potential. ‘Fantasise’ is the perfect example of that. 

Built on a sensual R&B-flavoured production, the track is packed with researched textures and hard-hitting tones, making for a vibrant and bold offering which positively adds to Skye’s impressive catalogue. What’s more interesting and complex, is Billie’s songwriting approach to the record. Taking many forms and shapes, ‘Fantasise’ ends up being an honest journey into Billie’s colourful mind, a quirky stream of consciousness, if you will. 

As she explains: “This was not a love song if that’s what you were wondering. It was this imaginative state of awe and wonder at my own daydreaming capabilities. Do the daydreams include love… well obviously, but it’s more than that”. An impressive offering from Billie Skye, here showcasing a fashionable leftfield approach to her material. 

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