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BIAS Returns with Leftfield Gem ‘Ogni Istante’

We are glad to see BIAS back with new material. Having been featured on our blog a fair amount of time already, we grew accustomed to his unique and quirky style, often balanced between leftfield electronica and more poppy references. In fact, we described him as “an artist not afraid to push boundaries and try to innovate”, words we stand by even today. ‘Ogni Istante’ is BIAS’s latest effort, a stunning record that confirms everything we know about the project so far. 

Over a bed of noisy and oblique electronica, with the right degree of complex sound design, the Italian producer lays mellow and poignant vocals, pairing a seemingly pop melody with a deeper and darker framework. ‘Ogni Istante’ flourishes from the stark contrast between those two elements, a sort of artistic ‘chiaroscuro’ that seems to really fit the project as a whole. 

Describing how the song was born from an inspiring journey in the Nordics, BIAS explains: “A trip to Iceland is not simply a vacation. Its endless variety of colours and majestic, silent landscapes go straight to the heart, inspiring strong emotions in an incredibly intimate experience between man and nature.”

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