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Becca James Returns with Glorious Gem ‘Innocent Days’

There’s something uniquely special in Becca James‘ vocals. Perhaps it’s her luscious and dynamic tone, echoing the likes of Florence + The Machine; or, even better, her ability to build choral harmonies that create a bucolic, solemn and hypnotizing sonic universe, a place where listeners can fully lose themselves into James’ nuanced artistry. ‘Innocent Days’ – Becca’s latest effort – is the biggest evidence of that. Set into classic pop territory, the record starts with poignant piano chords and introspective electronica, only to then explode into an orchestral gaze of evocative strings and uplifting grooves. Cue London Grammar, if you will.

At the center of it, there’s Becca James. Emerging from London, the young talent has been showcasing her musical prowess for the past few years, constantly growing and raising the stakes of a wonderful career in the making. What’s more, the industry is starting to take notice: ‘Innocent Days’ is the first of a series of releases set to bring James to a wider audience.

Lyrically, the single explores human consciousness, recognizing how we all have our own flaws. As Becca James explains: “Innocent Days’ questions how to break free of cycles within the self that are ultimately harmful and idealistically return to some level of innocence, whilst recognising that no one is truly without flaws.”

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