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Annie Scherer Explores Being an Introvert in ‘Everywhere I Go (Everybody’s The Same)’

When approaching Annie Scherer, it’s hard not to be impressed. For two main reasons, the first being the sheer talent and high degree of musicianship possessed by the Nashville-based artist. Not only she’s a nuanced and refined songwriter, but Scherer also plays a plethora of instruments, making her a complete artistic entity, often able to compose with total autonomy.

The second reason is frankly just the quality of her artistic output. Take for instance Annie’s latest effort, the cinematic and evocative gem ‘Everywhere I Go (Everybody’s the Same)’ – over a glorious and solemn arrangement, Scherer builds luscious vocal harmonies, while keeping a rather haunting and dark attitude, precisely mirrored in the lyrical theme.

Focusing on the constant pressure of having to share one’s life on social media, The Nashville newcomer explains how – being an introvert – relating to others is not always easy. As she explains: “As an artist, I often feel pressured to have an ‘influencer-type’ social media presence, and to be extroverted with a loud personality. Creatives are often misunderstood in this way. A lot of us are observers and channel our energy and emotions to our craft. “Everywhere I Go (Everybody’s the Same)” is about being heard without being seen and that it’s okay to exist outside of societal expectations.”

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