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Allow Yourself to Lose Track Of Time Listening To a Mystical New Track By Francis Eden

Singer-Songwriter Francis Eden has released a hauntingly beautiful new single titled, ‘Keeping Time’. Having grown up listening to 60’s and 70’s folk, her raw, effortless approach to songwriting has clearly been influenced by the likes of folk royalty, Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins. 

Speaking on the release, Francis says: “I wanted to write something that everyone could relate to. Like that moment when you’re in a car next to someone and you’re grateful they’re in your life. Sometimes we take these people for granted. It took a few months to get the right sound with the acoustic guitars and the harmonies occurred during the home recording process. I know you like music as much as I do and hope that you can connect to the song I created.”

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, Francis began her music career playing in local bands. Taking the plunge and venturing on a solo project, Francis embraces the artistic freedoms that come with self-expression through music. 

Do you feel the same way I do? Cos I don’t wanna be waiting for you, aching for something more, there’s so much more we should explore’. With stunningly poignant lyrics, brought to life by Francis’s effortless tone, ‘Keeping Time’ is truly a stunning, stand-out masterpiece. 

If you’re searching for the perfect accompaniment to serene, peaceful morning walks along the seafront, grab your phone and add Francis Eden to your playlist. You won’t regret it. 

Watch the music video for ‘Keeping Time’, here: 


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