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Alessia Selini Unveils Cathartic Gem ‘New Places’

Previously described by us as “one of the highlights of 2022”, Alessia Selini has certainly grown a lot since then. Not only on an artistic level – refining her songwriting and poignant arrangements – but also from a global recognition standpoint. Calling Twitch the home of her fanbase and community, Selini has gained 6000 followers, all keen music fans spread around the world, hypnotized by her elegant, charming vocals. 

‘New Places’ is Alessia’s latest effort. Inaugurating a new glorious era for the Italian songstress, the single promises a mellow and cathartic listening experience, and it delivers on all fronts. From the minimal, nuanced production-  quite cinematic and emotional – to Selini’s relatable and meaningful songwriting, a tale of resilience and inspired braveness. 

Speaking about the song, she explains: “It’s about the uncomfortable feeling you can have when facing new things and how little things can help you knowing everything will be okay”.

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