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Wild Horse Return with Uplifting Gem ‘Attraction’

What a year has been for Wild Horse. The English band has been steadily releasing a plethora of singles, showcasing their eclectic nature and contemporary flair. Now, the group returns with ‘Attraction’, an indie-pop banger that feels playful, uplifting and relatable, the perfect track for a band that makes relatability and friendliness their brand. Borrowing from a wide range of influences – Britpop, vintage records and hip-hop among others –  the British creatives manage to build a sound that’s familiar, yet refreshing. 

‘Attraction’ confirms everything we have ever written about them: Wild Horse’s songwriting prowess is on point, and that’s perhaps the most precious strength they have to offer. Not an easy task, crafting memorable melodies and irresistible lyricism is hard work, and they seem to be crushing it. Championed by a variety of relevant tastemaker, Wild Horse are on the brink of stardom: we’ll be here supporting. 

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