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Ubiquity Machine Drop Another Experimental Wonder with ‘Beautiful Girl’

I can distinctly remember the very first time I discovered the music of the Washington-based duo Ubiquity Machine. I had just put on their tune ‘Radio’ and instantly fell in love with their new-wave, punky attitude. The track now has over 47,000 plays on Spotify, and the duo have decided it’s the perfect time to unleash another experimental banger on us. ‘Beautiful Girl’ is Dan and Howard’s brand new single, and it once again showcases Ubiquity Machine’s determination to go where the music takes them and refusal to play by the traditional rules. A simple bass and drumline get things underway before an intriguing, enticing piano makes an appearance. As with ‘Radio’, ‘Beautiful Girl’ is pure, heartfelt, and genuine.

“Beautiful Girl is a love song,” says the duo. “But not one you’ve heard before”. Personally, I believe that is the essence of Ubiquity Machine. They explore universal and relatable themes, but they do it on their own terms. They’re not playing to the crowd, and in doing so, have built up a dedicated and loyal following.

There’s not much that brings me as much joy as discovering a new act or artist. I fully believe in this duo, and can’t wait to see them go from strength to strength!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Beautiful Girl’ on Spotify now:


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