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Trash Pals Mix up Their Sound with Energetic New Single ‘Dust It Off’

Los Angeles-based indie-rock duo Trash Pals has undoubtedly been one of our favourite discoveries of the year. From the nostalgia-laced ‘Perfect Dream’ to the dreamy and laidback ‘Sonya’, they’re an act that we’ve frankly fallen deeply in love with. 

‘Dust It Off’ is the pair’s brand new offering, and it sees them heading down a different sonic lane compared to their previous two singles. Gone are the ethereal and mellow vibes, and in their place are gritty guitar riffs and quick-paced drum work. Taking a less-is-more approach instrumentally, ‘Dust It Off’ is still a seriously infectious little tune, and cements Trash Pals’ status as masters of both ambient and high-octane sounds.

Recorded to tape at Matter Music in Los Angeles, and produced by Jon Graber, ‘Dust It Off’ is a punchy and energetic track that adds a fresh edge to the duo’s discography. 

Speaking of the song, Conor Rayne and Gabriel Schnider mention that they “wanted to keep it simple, easygoing, and straight to the point”. The whole tune was recorded in one take, and it’s also the first track of Trash Pals to feature a guitar solo.

Were we sonically surprised by ‘Dust It Off’? Sure. But isn’t it exciting when a band takes creative risks and keeps listeners on their toes? We think so!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Dust It Off’ on Spotify now:


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