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The Will McBride Group Shares Playful Track: ‘Hit Song’

A historical group in North Carolina, The Will McBride Group is not here to offer impressive artistic statements or laborious, complex and conceptual records. Rather, they aim to strive for simplicity, delving into friendly and accessible material that stems from the great American tradition. Blending rock, funk and blues, The Will McBride Group is a deserved relief after a hard day, or a free treat over the weekend. 

‘Hit Song’ is the perfect evidence of what we just declared above. A playful take on the non-ability of the song to make it into a hit, the record hints at the band’s songwriting genius, and we have to agree with that. What’s funny is it’s quite catchy, and the track could, in fact, become a hit song. It is in the realm of possibilities. 

Having performed more than 700 shows since the group’s foundation, The Will McBride Group have now become almost a historical entity, a group of talented musician to protect at all costs. Completing the lineup, we find: Will McBride, Ellis Merlin, Michael Pelz Sherman, Bobby Johnson, Chris Conley. 

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