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The Silent Divide Return with Evocative Single ‘Outside’

Following up from ‘Morning’ – single we had the pleasure of featuring on our pages – New Zealand-based outfit The Silent Divide now returns with their latest offering, a charming, fierce and nuanced track that further advances their status as one of alt-rock’s future promises. ‘Outside’ is slightly darker than its predecessor. Moving at a slower speed, the track still manages to pack a punch, offering gritty guitar tones and furious drum grooves. 

The result is an immersive wall of sound that’s gentle and elegant, yet incredibly authoritative and rebellious. Shaun Jones’ evocative vocals once again make sure the record is relatable and accessible on a commercial level, offering dark storytelling and edgy lyricism. Exploring themes of obsession and personal challenge, ‘Outside’ is bound to be a relevant offering. 

Kieran Williams, Jonatan Jaworski and Sunil Jolly complete what’s a compelling lineup. Making their way through the Kiwi live circuit, we have no doubts about where they are headed next: international stages. We’ll be here supporting them. 

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