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The Marsh Family Return with Poignant Gem ‘See Your Face Again’

The keen reader with gladly remember The Marsh Family, unique and poignant family folk outfit from Britain. Writing about their previous effort ‘My Storybook’, we proudly declared: “they will bring a smile to your face, and perhaps some much-needed solace, especially in those troubled times”. We stand by our words. Returning to the scenes with a brand new record, The Marsh Family confirms the magic quality of their vocal harmonies and soothing acoustic tones. ‘See Your Face Again’ is a beautifully written gem, both from a sonic and lyrical standpoint. 

Encastoned into an emotional, fragile folk-pop arrangement, featuring acoustic guitar, orchestral strings and light percussions, The Marsh Family describes the reality of being a refugee in our complex world. Written for Refugee Week 2023, the song particularly embraces the theme of #compassion, asking the listeners to understand and be compassionate. 

Afghan musician Ali Esmahilzada features on the track – now based in the US, his nuanced violin performance appears on the record, taking the record to new heights. Speaking about ‘See Your Face Again’, The Marsh Family explains: “The song aims to encourage empathy and connectedness through its lyrics, simplicity, harmonies, and collaborative vibe.”

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