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The Margaret Hooligans Unveil Full Album ‘Saturday Night in Bartertown’

Their album is finally here! It’s been a long time coming – active since 2021, The Margaret Hooligans have been steadily releasing a whopping 37 tracks, collected in a plethora of singles and two albums. Now, the American duo returns with their third full-length offering, ‘Saturday Night In Bartertown’, featuring past singles and new gems. 

Looking back, the par has endured quite the evolution. If their 2021 album ‘Boombox Blasts’ was a rough, lo-fi jump into punk and post-punk territories, ‘Saturday Night in Bartertown’ raises the stakes, both in sonic and songwriting terms. Breathing a wider rock outlook, it is clear that The Margaret Hooligans are slowly maturing, now offering a more eclectic pool of influences than their previous numbers. 

Take for instance ‘Witch on the Corner’, with its Blues and Country roots, or ‘The Lost Stilt Walkers’, with its theatrical flair and modern minimalism. ‘New Speedway Boogie’ showcases a certain prog-rock attitude, thanks to its long structure and convoluted arrangement. Lyrically, ‘Saturday Night in Bartertown’ is as universal as life itself, focusing on societal-powered storytelling and rebellious, witty remarks. 

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