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The Margaret Hooligans Flip the Script in ‘Revenge of the ScarJo’

The Margaret Hooligans are once again back with a new record! We have written extensively about their project over the past year or so, but to be fair we do discover something new every time. It could be a particular lyrical theme they choose to focus on or a slight change in their sound, a certain nuance signalling the project’s growth and coming of age. ‘Revenge of the ScarJo’ is their latest effort, a single that places the flashlight on gender equality through a playful yet evocative narrative on social issues. 

Sonically, The Margaret Hooligans champions their signature duo setup, built on noisy, raw drums and gritty, lo-fi guitar tones. How are they able to stay so productive is a secret that we’d like to know, one day. If we had to guess, their limited instrumental gear helps in aiding composition, limiting the number of options they have to explore. At the same time, that pushes the overall sound character towards quirky and highly authentic territories. 

Speaking about the ‘Revenge of the ScarJo’, they explain: “The song imagines a world in which men are subjected to the same sexual harassment that women commonly experience. Vocals taunt you with phrases of victim blaming that women have heard for decades.”

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