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The Infinity Process Unleash Fiery New Tune ‘Glitches’

“We wrote ‘Glitches’ after marathoning the show Westworld. The idea of our life being a simulation was fascinating to us”. These are the words of Toledo-based hard-rock act The Infinity Process, who draw inspiration from the increasingly blurred lines between reality and simulation in their latest release.

Uncompromising and no-holds-barred, ‘Glitches’ is a fiery and energetic tune that expertly captures the tension of its theme. Pulsating with raw emotion, it invites listeners on a relentless journey into a dystopian landscape where truth and illusion collide. “Even the real things in life can feel fake in the current climate,” says the band. And how right they are!

Influenced by acts like Helmet, Thrice, Muse, System of a Down, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Infinity Process turned to melodic metal to get their message across. Their blend of heavy riffs and soaring melodies creates a sonic experience that is both intense and cathartic, as they confront existential questions that plague our society with unapologetic ferocity.

The Infinity Process, a true family business, consists of married couple Kimberly and Jason Tingley, along with Kimberly’s cousin Brent on drums. Their shared bond not only strengthens their music but also creates an undeniably palpable chemistry between them!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Glitches’ on Spotify now:


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