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The Formalist’s New Album ‘A Trace of Yourself’ is an Intricate Masterpiece

‘A Trace of Yourself’ is an album that I’ve thoroughly been looking forward to sharing with you all. Delivered by Brooklyn-based duo The Formalist, the ten-track project is an experimental and deeply immersive offering that must be absorbed in its entirety to be fully understood. Taking listeners on a profound journey through the labyrinth of the human psyche, The Formalist fuse elements of indie-rock, dream-pop, and trip-hop to concoct an eclectic and intricate record unlike any I’ve heard for some time.

‘Warnings’ serves as the perfect opening tune to begin proceedings. An ambient and trippy wonder that warmly welcomes you into the duo’s world. ‘In Slow Motion’ then steps up to the plate, a song the pair describe as “the centrepiece of the album”. With a thumping bassline and some infectious guitar work, it’s a song that pays homage to the sonic landscapes of Sigur Ros and Brian Eno.

‘Happenstance’ is another stunner that explores the notion of the traces we leave behind in life, while ‘(Sketch No. 4, 2020)’ leans into a dark and haunting aesthetic that captivates with an eerie allure.

I’m truly jealous that you get to experience ‘A Trace of Yourself’ for the very first time. It’s an album that I’ll undoubtedly be revisiting for years to come!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘A Trace of Yourself’ on Spotify now:


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