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The Baby Goats Gear Up for Debut Album with Euphoric Tune ‘Won’t Stop Waiting’

‘Won’t Stop Waiting’ is the brand new single from Los Angeles-based act The Baby Goats, a trio that proudly describe themselves as, “three new wave, punk rock, metal spirited dudes who gave it all up for a Moog, a Juno X, and a Fender Strat blowing through an orange amp”. It’s an insight into just who Chance, Greg, and Lance are, but it also provides us with a hint of where the band’s sonic landscape lies.

Overflowing with lively energy and an incredibly upbeat aura, ‘Won’t Stop Waiting’ evokes strong echoes of bands like The Killers and Kaiser Chiefs. The synth-filled gem doesn’t let up for a second, keeping you in a constant state of vibrant euphoria, and making it essentially impossible not to move along.

The tune serves as The Baby Goats’ first release from their forthcoming debut album, but it’s also the very first track that the band wrote together. It’s the one that began this entire journey for them, and I think it could be the one that sets the tone for their future endeavours. An absolute cracker from start to finish, ‘Won’t Stop Waiting’ is truly as good as it gets!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Won’t Stop Waiting’ on Spotify now:


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