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teh end Shares Eclectic Record ‘Kumbaya in a Minor’

It’s rather hard to grasp what teh end stands for. The project seems to rejoice in its eclecticism, constantly shifting between guitar-based songwriting and electronic-powered bangers. Often, it is the both of them together. We are pleased by that: in an industry where everything sounds the same, a lone hero emerges and scrambles the cards, building a powerful artistic statement over authentic and personal material. Based in Las Vegas, teh end could very well be mirroring the cultural turmoil informing The Strip every night. 

‘Kumbaya in a Minor’ is the project’s latest effort, an 8-track album showcasing the depth of field teh end seems to enjoy. Opening in cinematic fashion, the album soon jumps into business, with ‘Three Stars’ offering a strange blend of hip-hop and electronica, the perfect settings for the American talent’s theatrical vocals, so full of gravitas and charm. ‘Vanity’ take refuge in punk-rock territories, indulging in classic, unapologetic and fierce guitar-powered euphoria.  

‘Two Strips’ is a unique offering. Witty and kaleidoscopic, the song moves between bass virtuosity, short strings section, reggae stylings and a steady beat. What more could you want? It’s a triumph of the senses. ‘Hubris Pt.1’ and ‘Hubris Pt.2’ shifts the attention to more serious territories, navigating 40 years of rock history – math, prog, you name it. ‘Zero the Hero’ and ‘Realize’ take the record to a close, following the same script we highlighted earlier. A worthy album. 

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