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Tanya Goltz Returns with Country Gem ‘No One Wins’

‘No One Wins’ helps to evoke a strong sense of nostalgia and thrill in us; guided by Tanya Goltz‘s expert and charismatic vocals, the record reaches higher artistic territories, serving as a classic life tale, warning the listeners about better life choices and the danger of presumption. Emerging from Brisbane, Goltz pens a stunning track: championing a wholesome and vintage-flavoured blues-rock aesthetic, ‘No One Wins’ takes everyone back to simpler times, through malleable slices of Hammond organ, spacious guitars and tons of Country sleaze. 

Crowning it all, we find Tanya’s powerful vocal tone, delivered with such intention and passion to instantly resonate with the listeners. Not a surprise, given the amount of experience the Aussie talent can boast. Goltz spent years working as a singer-songwriter and as a performer, travelling all around the country in festivals and major venues. 

That’s why ‘No One Wins’ sounds so convincing and drenched in tradition. Tanya Goltz is the tradition – in the sense that she’s able to condense years of artistic research into one loveable song. Plus, production comes courtesy of Aria award-winning producers Steve James and Andrew Cochrane. 

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