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Tana Shares Elegant and Anthemic New Effort ‘Hollywood Problems’

Emerging on the music landscape with innovative energy and hypnotising charisma, Tana is one of those artists that are not satisfied just writing music, but also aim to shape the social debate and the way we look at current issues. Of Italian and Nigerian origins, Tana now calls London her home. Championing a proud Queer identity, the talented creative makes diversity one of her keywords.

‘Hollywood Problems’ is Tana’s latest single, the first release to see the light of day after almost a year. It must have been a productive short hiatus for the London resident: ‘Hollywood Problems’ shuffles the cards a fair bit, sonically speaking, delivering the listener a luscious, cinematic and elegant gem, a potential candidate to soundtrack the next Bond movie. Stylistically, Tana leaves Trap and Hip-Hop influences behind for a more Soul and Pop imprint, a move that we believe is very fitting for her evocative, solemn vocals. 

Like a Bond movie, the song focuses on a mysterious, complex and almost mythological figure, the “L.A. Girl”. A magnetic, trendy entity that everyone seeks to be friends with. Tana explains: “They say that LA is the city of angels, but it’s also the city of lost angels, and that’s exactly what she is. She’s a lost angel, but she’s so magnetic. I guess there’s something magnetic about a girl that’s got it all but is kind of damaged.”

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