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Talia Grace Shares Latest EP ‘From Under You’

I was told by a very confident Talia Grace that “the songs are just damn good”. I smugly thought that I’d be the one to judge. So I judged, and Talia was right, the songs are incredibly stunning. What I appreciate the most is how simple and relatable they manage to be, yet how fulfilling and elegant they are in their sonic liveries. Built on ethereal and soothing stylings, ‘From Under You’ blends pop relevance with folk spiritualism, resulting in an EP that’s deeply moving and poignant, while popular in its lyrical motifs. 

Opening with ‘The Girl Before The Girl’, the record initiates a personal and honest journey into fragility and growth, allowing the listeners to identify with Grace’s experiences, perhaps helping them to overcome any hardships they may be faced with. That’s the power of such a meaningful EP. 

Glass-like pianos, immersive vocal harmonies and gentle, cinematic percussions are a perfect match for Talia’s evocative, luscious vocals, wrapping the listeners into a unique, yet unforgettable artistic experience. Thank you, you enlightened Texan fairy, writing this article was sublime and so very emotional. 

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