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Stephen Lind Shares Empowering Gem ‘Nosebleeds’

‘Nosebleeds’ is as fierce and empowering as it could be. A self-confidence anthem, the record is the latest effort by Los Angeles pop sensation Stephen Lind, delivering a slice of energy and charisma. Built over modern pop and EDM stylings, the track seems to benefit from eclectic territories, packing a dancy, groovy and euphoric instrumental with more relatable and poppy vocals. The result is a track that feels edgy yet approachable and meaningful, the perfect outlet for the complexity of our reality. 

Lind is not new to such gems, having appeared in our publication recently with previous effort ‘3,2,1’. ‘Nosebleeds’ maintains the same club-oriented direction, although the sonic references are more modern and contemporary. Anticipating an upcoming longer record, ‘Pity Party’, the single was produced by Taylor Sparks, perfectly complementing Lind’s evocative and gritty vocal tone.  

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Nosebleeds’, Stephen explains: “Sometimes, those who claim to love and support you are the ones praying that you stay in the same place. They’ll check in on you, ask for every update and when you start to shine too bright, they’ll pull out your insecurities to use against you; this song is for them.”

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