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Squid the Kid’s Experimentation Pays Off on ‘Getaway’

Squid the Kid is a young up-and-coming hip-hop and R&B musician hailing from South East Melbourne in Australia. Since releasing his debut single ‘Wintertime’ back in 2019, he has been steadily gaining a dedicated and loyal following for himself. His latest tune is simply entitled ‘Getaway’, and it sees Squid getting up to his usual tricks. Testing out new sounds, styles, and techniques, Squid concocts an electronic-hip-hop mashup that, technically, shouldn’t work. Let me tell you though…it does! It works an absolute treat! 

The soundscape is reminiscent of producers like Kaytranada and Mild Minds, while the lyrical and vocal ability of Squid lends a nod to the likes of Anderson .Paak and Tyler, the Creator. The artist worked alongside producer Infuschia and vocalist nesh to bring ‘Getaway’ to life, both somewhat chance encounters that just worked out perfectly.

As for the meaning behind the track, ‘Getaway’ serves as a reminder to appreciate what’s in front of you. Squid mentions that “it’s all about the importance of recharging your batteries, leading to a clearer head space which, at the end of the day, will benefit your relationship moving forward”. Wise words from an ever wiser musician. I cannot wait to hear more from Squid the Kid!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Getaway’ on Spotify now:


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