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Spence Paull Falls in Love in ‘Bergamo’

Often, love finds a way to surprise you, especially when you were least expecting it. For talented songstress Spence Paull, that meant flying across the world to meet a woman she had been chatting with for six months – a romantic and selfless act of love and commitment that particularly resonates with our complex digital times. Declaring “have you ever wondered what falling in love sounds like?”, Paull guides the listener on a journey into her own artistry; an artistry made up of nuanced, dynamic and choral vocals and simple yet effective songwriting, often paving the way for the project’s relatable lyricism.

‘Bergamo’ is Spence’s latest effort, titled after the Italian town she visited to meet her long-distance lover. Built over theatrical and luscious tones, the record is easily accessible, fully focusing on delivering a clear and catchy topline, while raising the stakes of its poignancy along the way. Once the chorus hits, we get a taste of Paull’s vocal prowess, here showcasing her near-perfect musicianship.

A wonderful effort by Spence Paull, worth a listen. Stay tuned for more releases later this year.

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