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Solwater’s Debut Album ‘feel it all the way’ is a Soulful Journey

‘feel it all the way’ is the exceptional new album courtesy of California-based singer/songwriter Luke Anderson, better known by his alias Solwater. Working alongside musician and producer John Alevizakis, (Willie Nelson, Donovan) Luke sets about concocting what he calls “a soulful journey through the landscape of the human heart”.

‘belonging’ gets the record underway in a gentle and soothing fashion. Featuring the wonderful work of Salif Bamakora on the kora, it’s a tune that sets the scene for an emotional and profound expedition. ‘fears falling away’ then comes into play and maintains that mellow and intoxicating atmosphere created by its predecessor. Just perfect!

‘follow the road’ is the album’s lengthiest track, and another absolute stunner as far as I am concerned. At this point, the listener is now fully immersed in Anderson’s captivating and otherworldly sonic landscape, and one feels honoured to be allowed in.

To tell you the truth…Each song on the record could have an essay written about it. Solwater is so much more than a singer/songwriter. He’s a poet whose recent offering has completely blown me away! Just sit back, relax, and allow ‘feel it all the way’ to completely surround and engulf you in its mesmerizing charm.

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘feel it all the way’ on Spotify now:


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