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Sierra Ellis Releases Soulful New Single ‘Let it reign’

Up-and-coming Atlanta-based songstress Sierra Ellis recently put out her soulful new single ‘Let it reign’, a hypnotizing and deeply intoxicating little tune that showcases an exceptional talent. Thematically exploring toxic and violent relationships, Sierra’s delicate and thoughtful approach to such a weighty topic is a beautiful thing to witness. Haunting strings set the scene perfectly before an R&B beat and Ellis’ sultry, velvety vocals make their introduction. Smooth, laidback, and elegant, it’s a track that I believe signals the start of something very sonically exciting for the artist.

While finding inspiration in acts like Sade, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Jhené Aiko, Sierra unquestionably injects an original and innovative vibe into her sound. Working alongside London-based producer remdolla to bring ‘Let it reign’ to life, the pair have manufactured a dreamy blend of soulful melodies and contemporary beats that leave a lasting impression.

Rich and full-bodied, Ellis’ latest song serves as the perfect example of just how consummate a musician she truly is. Her ability to navigate complex themes and package them into a graceful piece of music seems effortless, and it’s thrilling to know that this is just the beginning! We cannot wait to hear from Sierra again soon!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Let it reign’ on Spotify now:


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