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Seasonal Falls Gear Up for Upcoming Album with ‘Lie Down’

We are rather familiar with Seasonal Falls. Writing about their previous effort ‘Happy Dayz’, we proudly declared: “Leaning into an indie-folk landscape, it’s a slow and melancholic revelation”. We stand by our words; the Swiss duo champions a pretty hypnotising and soothing artistry, often built on gentle arrangements and soft, elegant songwriting, the perfect companion for the pair’s evocative vocals. 

‘Lie Down’ is their latest offering, the last single that will then carry the project to their upcoming album on May 10th. It’s a glorious track! Perhaps slightly more indie and dreamy than previous material, ‘Lie Down’ empowers an understated drum groove, clean guitars and light keys, building a bucolic and cathartic sonic journey that’s just so enticing. 

Formed by Roman Gabriel and Andrew Pelletier, Seasonal Falls is promising quite a lot on their album – we’ll look out for it, and so should you. Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Lie Down’, they explain: “It was written after listening to too many Pedro the Lion songs. Sometimes when life and its challenges and problems become too much, we should allow ourselves some just and just lie down for a while”.

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