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Sarah O’Moore Shares Nuanced EP ‘Social Paralysis’

It took me a while to fully grasp the extent of Sarah O’Moore’s artistry. A passionate, nuanced songwriter, her work is drenched in authenticity and honesty, making for a truly meaningful and inspiring listening experience. Above all though, what truly captivated me was the unmistakable sound of her vocals, so distinct (as described by BBC Radio’s Adam Crowther) and poignant, yet incredibly elegant and soulful. 

‘Social Paralysis’ is Sarah O’Moore’s latest offering; a stunningly vibrant EP featuring four engaging tracks, the record shares the Irish creative’s critical look on modern society, especially regarding the hardships and the struggles of the most vulnerable. Sonically, the EP navigates soul and neo-soul territories with frequent incursions in pop, a perfect pairing for O’Moore’s unique vocal prowess. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Social Paralysis’, Sarah explains: “It stands as a captivating journey through the depths of the human experience. Each song echoes the sentiments of resilience and solidarity, giving voice to those silenced by their own battles”. 

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