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Sambox Keeps His Legacy Going with ‘Deep Time’

Prepare to be nostalgic: with its vintage electronic character, Sambox takes us back to an era where synthetisers were still mainly hardware boxes, often housed in giant studio racks, and MIDI over cables was a known feature of every serious environment. Presenting a facelift of two old compositions, ‘Better Life’ and ‘Feel The Summer Breeze’ now packed into one double record, ‘Deep Time’, the French producer still manages to maintain a rather retro flair, something that makes us quite satisfied. 

You see, if you love electronic music from the 90s, like we do, you are bound to deeply connect with those records. Featuring a healthy amount of vintage synth tones, echoing classic house and chill-out stuff, ‘Deep Time’ is like travelling in time but with modern HD – sounds enticing yet?

Known as Samuel Pineau by day, Sambox explains: “My philosophy is simple. I wanted to breathe new life into 2 of my old titles released 16 years ago and make them more musically accomplished.” We stan this idea, as a way to recoup old material and keep a legacy going. 

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